Investing into BlockChain

About our Fund

Blockchain Mining and Research Investment is a private equity firm, which was set up for making profit from supporting decentralized blockchain networks.
The profit of the foundation goes to buying equipment and setting up effective data centers in the vicinity of power plants.

Why become our partner?

  • The dedicated software developed within the Company augments the commercial viability of blockchain mining

  • The Fund’s structure secures the liquidity of shares. After six months, an investing partner can exit the investment project

  • Equipment is purchased directly from the manufacturer

  • Qualified engineers secure assembling, maintenance and administrative support of the data centres

  • The most favorable temperature conditions allow for better performance of the equipment

  • Direct cable connection to a power plant allows for a two or three times lower electricity costs.

Investment Strategy

  • Blockchain Networks

    The fund invests 80% of its cash into equipment to run the blockchain networks

  • Cryptocurrency Market

    Up to 20% of cash is invested into regulated funds with active-managing crypto market strategy

Return on Investment

Quarterly Coupon

The Fund pays a quarterly coupon with 50% payout from supporting blockchain networks

Capitalisation of the Fund

50% of payout from supporting blockchain networks increase capitalization of the Fund. This is aimed for capacity expansion and development of mining system

Fund’s Earning Capacity

As per October 2017, in accordance with the calculated complexity of supporting blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange rates, the coupon has a 15% profit quarterly

How to be our client

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  3. We will invite you to our office to discuss conditions, visit our mining farms, and meet the team

Investing to mining and cryptocurrencies
under the control of the leading regulators

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